What is “ Trace amount” ? Why “trace amount” is needed in fertilizer synergists?

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What is “ Trace amount” ? Why “trace amount” is needed in fertilizer synergists?

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Trace amount substance- ZNC


ZNC, a new synergist developed by Pengbo Biotechnology Co., Ltd, with its plant growth promote and disease resistance concentration of 0.05-10 ppb, it is the true “trace amount substance”.

“0.5 % of ZNC active ingredient is effective in 1000000-2000000 times water at irrigation. Do not doubt ZNC’s ultrahigh activity”, we have emphasized more than once.

The ultrahigh activity of ZNC brings extremely low usage cost on one hand (the cost of one bucket of water is 0.03 RMB), on the other hand, it requires more cognition from our customers about ZNC.

ZNC shows excellent plant growth and disease resistance effect under extremely low dose (only 0.1-0.05 g needed for 15 kg water when used at leaf surface sprays). Disease resistance effect would be more prominent if increased to 3-5 times usage, but growth promoting effect would be reduced. If increased to tens or hundreds of times dose, plant growth would be temporarily inhibited. ZNC is safe and reliable to use in the field. Common fertilizers would show damage when increased to 2-3 times dose, but ZNC only shows temporarily growth inhibition when increased to a hundred times.

1. The addition of functional substance should match water or soil quantity, the concentration in experiments should be consistent with the concentration used in the field.

2. The effective concentration of functional substance should match the functional substance quantity per mu (0.4 hectare).

3. The quantity of functional substance can be slightly adjusted based on local water usage and application method.

In this post-plant regulator era, what do we need? What can ZNC bring us?



    ZNC is endophytic fungi extracts from wild plants innovated by Pengbo Biotech. It subverted people’s cognition not only with its ultrahigh activity, but also with its comprehensive functions.

We conducted researches on endophytic fungi extracts for nearly 10 years. ZNC is more of a technique than a product. ZNC represents our technique in screening, fermentation, extract, separation, and purification of endophytic fungi. It also exhibits our ability in conducting researches on studying efficacy of a group and a single component, product formula, pesticide and fertilizer application, and testing.

Fertilizer production in post-plant regulation era requires true high activity/ low cost synergist. As an ultrahigh active biostimulant from microbes, the trace amount substance ZNC will push synergists into a “simulate plant regulator era—high activity with low cost just like plant regulators”.


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